• Combo Filter (Sold Individually) Combo Filter (Sold Individually)

    Combo Filter (Sold Individually)

    Introducing the new combo filters for Arctic hot tubs made in 2020 and newer. These are exactly like the progressive filters (High flow and standard) but saves the headache of trying to remember...
  • Fix-a-Leak 80z

    Fix-a-Leak 80z

    Designed to fix minor leaks in your hot tub, simply remove your hot tub filters and add the full bottle into your hot tub and run your jets. Let sit for 48 hours. After 48 hours you can place the...
  • Spaboy Plug (1.5" Onyx)

    Spaboy Plug (1.5" Onyx)

    This is to be used when you are draining your spa, put this plug over to close water in the probe to prevent it from drying. Once tub is full you can remove this plug and put the Grate back in.