Perfect Balance (Alkalinity)- 2 Sizes Available

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  • Perfect Balance  (Alkalinity)- 2 Sizes Available
  • Perfect Balance  (Alkalinity)- 2 Sizes Available
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Arctic Perfect Balance raises total alkalinity and controls pH bounce. 

Use a test kit to establish the Total Alkalinity (TA) level of your spa or pool water.
Ensure that the circulation system is running when adding this product.
To raise TA by 10ppm add Perfect Balance at the rate of 16gm per 1000 litres of water.
One heaped teaspoon holds approx 6gm of Perfect Balance
Thoroughly pre-dissolve in a 10 litre plastic bucket of water,before adding directly above the return inlet.
Wait 24 hours and test water,Repeat dose if necessary.

Water may cloud over temporarily when adding this product.


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