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Aquacheck Bromine Test Strips - Red

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Bromine Aquachek test strips are accurate and easier to use with Arctic Pure Bromine Tabs, Arctic Pure Onzen Salt Bromine and Arctic Pure Brom-Aid. Produced in a facility that makes test strips for the medical industry under strict ISO 9001 guidelines, AquaChek Test Strips are the worlds number one brand of swimming pool and spa test strips

Three easy steps

~Dip strip in pool/spa water and remove strip

~Wait 15 seconds

~Compare pads to colour chart on the back on the bottle


One single test strip reading will read the following

~Total Hardness - A Good hardness level keeps water from corrosion or scaling.

~Total Bromine - An ideal level of total bromine keeps water sparkling clean.

~Total Alkalinity - A correct level of Total alkalinity prevents sudden pH changes in you swimming pool or spa

~pH - A proper pH level keeps water from causing corrosion or scaling

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