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Aquacheck Chlorine Test Strips - Yellow

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Aquachek YellowTest strips test for Free Chlorine, pH, Total Alkalinity and Cyanuric Acid. Idea for use with Arctic Pure Chlorine Tabs and Arctic Pure Onzen Sea Salt Blend The test pads on the strip change colour to indicate the levels in your pool or spa water. Be sure to snap the lid securely closed on the Aquacheck bottle immediately after dispensing a strip. This will prevent the Aquacheck test strips from spilling and keep them fresh. Aquacheck Yellow Strips should be stored in a cool dry place and leave the packet of drying agent in the bottle, it will keep the test strips at their best.

 To keep your pool at its best, test at each end a minimum of twice a week, and test your spa before each use.

 50 Aquachek Test Strips per pack



Three easy steps


~Dip strip in pool/spa water and remove strip


~Wait 15 seconds


~Compare pads to colour chart on the back on the bottle




One single test strip reading will read the following


~Total Chlorine - An ideal level of total chlorine keeps water sparkling clean.


~Total Alkalinity - A correct level of Total alkalinity prevents sudden pH changes in you swimming pool or spa


~pH - A proper pH level keeps water from causing corrosion or scaling

~Stabalizer Levels (Cyanuric Acid )-Ensure your levels are safe for ultimate sanitazation.


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